30th November - 1st December 2021, NEC Birmingham


Day 1



09:00 - Gallery

Registration, refreshments and exhibition opening

An opportunity to develop contacts with counterparts from across the public sector and innovative private sector vendors over a cup of tea or coffee

09.50 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2 

Welcome to the Convention

Chair: Charlie Taylor, Chair, YJB (Confirmed)

09.55 -  Concourse Suite 1 & 2 

Opening speech

Keynote: Temi Mwale, Managing Director, The 4Front Project Ltd (Confirmed)

10.10 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Serious youth violence: a multi-agency approach

Speaker: Lib Peck, Director, Violence Reduction Unit, Mayor of London (Confirmed)

Speaker: Will Linden, Deputy Director, Scottish Violence Reduction Unit (Confirmed)

Speaker: Tyron Bailey, Project Coordinator, St Giles Trust (Confirmed)

11.10 - Gallery

Transition to breakout rooms

11.20 - Gallery


Please choose one of 5 bespoke breakout sessions to attend, designed specifically for youth justice professionals.

11.20 - Room - The Gallery 1

Tackling criminal exploitation early, through the use of analytics

Hillingdon Youth Offending Service’s Project Axis is an award-winning, MOPAC-endorsed initiative that supports the early identification of young people at risk of criminal exploitation.

By centrally collating, analysing and sharing data across agencies, it informs the wider local authority and partnership response. Project Axis disrupts county line activity and coordinated drug operations. It enables Hillingdon to work closely with the police on CSE operations, allows triangulation of soft and hard intelligence and delivers targeted intervention and diversion exactly where it is needed.

Join this seminar to learn more about how Project Axis has effectively reshaped Hillingdon’s adolescent agenda and strategy. 

Speaker: Kathryn Wyatt, Operational Manager, London Borough of Hillingdon (Confirmed)

Speaker: Phil Skidmore, Youth Crime Network Practitioner, London Borough of Hillingdon (Confirmed)

Speaker: Mike Cawthorn, Director & Business Solution, Catalyst IT (Confirmed)

11.20 - Room - The Gallery 2

Knife Crime Prevention Orders - what would a successful pilot look like? 

Knife Crime Prevention Orders (KCPOs) were introduced in the Offensive Weapons Act 2019. These are civil orders that can impose prohibitions and positive requirements for any person over the age of 12 who is suspected of carrying a knife, for up to 2 years. A pilot period of KCPOs is due to commence in selected police force areas in 2020. A panel of speakers will be invited to consider what a successful pilot period would look like and what would need to be evidenced prior to a national rollout. Speakers will be asked what works to support children affected by issues of violence.

Speaker: Pippa Goodfellow, Director, Standing Committee for Youth Justice (Confirmed)

Speaker: Linda Logan, Chair of Youth Courts Committee, Magistrates’ Association (Confirmed)

Speaker: Andy Peaden, Chair, Association of YOT Managers (Confirmed)

Speaker: Gerry Wareham, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service (Confirmed)

Speaker: Aaron Johnson, Custody Intervention Coach, DIVERT London (Confirmed)

Speaker: Caroline Drummond, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Nacro (Confirmed)

11.20 - Room - Suite 14-15

The Response to Child Criminal Exploitation in Manchester

The seminar will explore Manchester’s journey to develop a wider understanding and response to Child Criminal Exploitation across the city and the role that the Youth Justice Service has played.

Through the leadership of the Youth Justice Service and together with partner agencies, we have collaborated to develop and implement a methodology for addressing the complexities of identifying and safeguarding children exposed to, and at risk of CCE.

The seminar will cover issues related to poverty, organised crime groups, gangs, drug dealing, serious youth violence and the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on the child’s journey to exploitation. This work has formed the background to the setting up of a Complex Safeguarding Multi-agency team within the city that can provide a bespoke response to those who have been exploited

Speaker: Ami Wilcock, Senior Social Worker, Complex Safeguarding Hub, Manchester City Council (Confirmed)

Speaker: Tom Lang. Manchester Youth Justice Team Manager, Manchester City Council (Confirmed)

11.20 - Room – The Gallery 3

Out of court disposal - challenges and promising practice

The context will be set by YJB & HMI Probation, including a brief overview from HMIP of their findings and recommendations from 12 months of YOT Inspections. 

There will be brief discussion regarding the inspection methodology currently being used. Two services will then showcase how they have delivered services and met the challenges of providing an OoCD to children whilst meeting the required standards in their localities.

Speaker: Alan MacDonald, Head of Youth Programme, HMI Probation (Confirmed)

Speaker: Neil Bower, Programme Manager, YJB (Confirmed)

Speaker: Kate Langley, Service Manager ,Youth Justice and Community Teams, Gloucestershire (Confirmed) 

Speaker: Samantha Matthews, Youth Justice Manager, East Riding Youth Offending Team (Confirmed)

11.20 - Room – Suite 16-18

The journey towards desistence - Identity Shift

Seminar will explore how enabling a child to develop a pro-social identity drives their journey towards a positive future and desistance from offending. Whilst central to the Constructive Resettlement framework “identity shift” is relevant to all work with children who offend or are at risk of offending.

A panel of youth justice professionals will provide insight as to what this looks like in practice, and how individualised personalised support might differ from traditional practice. The panel will then take questions followed by wider opportunity for discussion and the audience share their experience and practice for others benefit and learning.

Chair: Professor Neal Hazel, Board Member, YJB (Confirmed)

Speaker: Angus Mulready-Jones, Team Leader Children and Young Adults HMI Prisons (Confirmed)

Speaker: Harriet Mills, Clinical Psychologist, Enhanced Constructive Resettlement (ECR) London Borough of Camden (Confirmed)

Speaker: Sonia Brooks OBE, Governor Werrington HMPPS YCS (Confirmed)

Speaker: Trevor Woodhouse, Constructive Resettlement Pathfinder Lead Leeds Local Authority (Confirmed)

12.35 - Gallery

Lunch, refreshments and networking  

Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your contact base by meeting counterparts from across the sector, visiting the exhibition and participating in the lunchtime workshops

13.35 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Afternoon welcome

Chair: Sharon Gray, Youth Justice Board (Confirmed)

13.40 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Education: opportunities for every child

Speaker: Steve Chalke, Oasis Charitable Trust, Secure School provider (Confirmed)

Speaker: Ges Smith, Headteacher, Jo Richardson Community School (Confirmed)

Speaker: Kerrie Henton, Principal, Stone Soup Academy (Confirmed) 

14.40 - Gallery

Networking, refreshment break and transition

15.05 - Gallery


Please choose one of 5 bespoke breakout sessions to attend, designed specifically for youth justice professionals.


15.05 - Room - The Gallery 1

How do we reduce disproportionately in the criminal justice system? 

How do we reduce disproportionately in the criminal justice system? The Lammy Review published in 2017 looked at disproportionality from the point of charging and onwards. The review contains 35 recommendations about how the justice system can decrease disproportionality. The most concerning area of the review was the youth justice system. What is the Magistrates’ Association doing to address some of the recommendations and how can you assist? 

Speaker: Linda Logan, chair of MA Youth courts committee, Magistrates’ Association (Confirmed)

Speaker: Jo Easton, Director of policy and research, Magistrates’ Association (Confirmed)

Speaker: David McLean, Youth Offending Service Group Manager, Havering Youth Offending Team (Confirmed)

15.05 - Room - The Gallery 2

Contextual safeguarding - An introduction for youth justice professionals

In this presentation, Rachael Owens will introduce the concept of contextual safeguarding, developed by Dr Carlene Firmin at the University of Bedfordshire. She will present resources and recommendations which address extra-familial harm experienced by adolescents, and explore the limitations of traditional safeguarding and child protection responses.  The particular role that youth justice professionals can play in addressing the contexts in which harm takes place will be considered, and there will be space during the session for discussing how to apply these ideas in practice.  The seminar will end with a Q&A session.

Speaker: Rachael Owens, Social work practice advisor, Contextual Safeguarding Team, University of Bedfordshire (Confirmed)

15.05 - Room - Suite 14-15

Working together to make a difference to remand

The number of children on remand in custody is increasing. During this seminar the panel will reflect on the current use of remand and consider the drivers for its increased use. They will also examine the views of those who work with children who are subject to remand, looking at issues such as the quality of advocacy in remand hearings.

By inviting views and contributions from attendees, the room will consider how, working together, agencies can reduce the use of remand and improve children’s experiences of it.

Speaker: Stephanie Roberts-Bibby, Chief Operating Officer, YJB (Confirmed)

Speaker: Penelope Gibbs, Director, Transform Justice (Confirmed)

Speaker: Aika Stephenson, Cofounder and Legal Director, Just for Kids Law (Confirmed)

Speaker: Katya Moran, Joint Head of Youth Justice Legal Centre, Just for Kids Law (Confirmed)

Speaker: Trevor Brown, YOS Manager, Birmingham Children’s Trust (Confirmed)



15.05 - Room - Suite 16-18

Beyond Criminal Records - “Nothing stops a bullet like a job”

The panel will provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss the barriers young people face entering the labour market with a criminal record.

The panel will represent the perspective of 2 young people with practical experience, The Skill Mill intermediary labour market opportunity and the private sector viewpoint as well as YOT experiences.

This discussion will seek to extend the co-production model and explore how YOTs can further develop these partnerships which will create further employment opportunities for young people as well as tackle the issue of criminal records and how we can collectively reduce their impact on life chances.

Speaker: David Parks, Director, The Skill Mill (Confirmed)

Speaker: Andy Peaden, HOS, LEEDS YOS (Confirmed)

Speaker: Richard Parsons, Project Manager/Principal Engineer, RHDHV (Confirmed)

Speaker: Paul Creelman, North Yorkshire, The Skill Mill (Confirmed)

15.05 - Room - The Gallery 3

Children’s social media use as a driver for youth violence and offending

The purpose of this workshop is to:

1) present recent research findings undertaken in West Yorkshire exploring the relationship between young people’s use of social media (in all its forms) and offending, particularly physical violence including serious violence involving weapons use. The research investigates how some young people’s social media use can act as a driver to violence, and how violence and other offending is facilitated and/or exacerbated by this technology.

2) facilitate a forum discussion focusing on the key themes from the research findings with a view to sharing knowledge and learning regards tackling the criminogenic social media features of young people who offend

Speaker: Dr Kris Christmann, Project Lead/Senior Lecturer in Criminology Applied Criminology & Policing Centre, University of Huddersfield (Confirmed)

Speaker: Will Donovan, Seconded YOT Officer, Leeds Youth Justice Service, West Yorkshire (Confirmed) 


Speaker: Lauran Easton, RA, University of Huddersfield (Confirmed)

16.20 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Transition to Concourse Suite (main room)

16:30 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Closing speaker

Rachel Dickinson, President, Association of Directors of Children’s Services (Confirmed)

16:45 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

AYM John Hawkins Award and SEND Quality Mark Awards

Speaker: Hazel Williamson, Vice Chair, Association of YOT Managers (Confirmed)

16.55 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Chair’s closing remarks

Speaker: Charlie Taylor, Chair, Youth Justice Board (Confirmed)


Close of day 1

Day 2



08.30 - The Gallery

Registration, refreshments and exhibition opening

An opportunity to develop contacts with counterparts from across the public sector and innovative private sector vendors over a cup of tea or coffee

09.20 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Opening speech

Keynote: Charlie Taylor, Chair, Youth Justice Board(Confirmed)

09.35 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Fresh perspectives: hear from children and young people who are improving the system

Keynote: Bobby Kasanga, Founder, Hackney Wick FC (Confirmed)

  • Panel discussion involving children and young adults. Sessions from Catch22 and Streetbase. 

10.45 - Gallery

Morning break and transition to breakout rooms

11.10 - Gallery


Please choose one of 5 bespoke breakout sessions to attend, designed specifically for youth justice professionals.


11.10 - Room - Suite 16-18

The Pathways of incarcerated children in care – findings and recommendations

What are the pathways into and out of custody for children in care? How does this compare with children who have not been in care? What are the experiences of children in custody? What support and interventions do children themselves consider having helped them on their journeys into and out of custody? What constitutes effective resettlement practice for children in care while they are in custody and on release? What are the obstacles to providing such a service and how might they be overcome?

The University of Bedfordshire (research team comprising Dr Tim Bateman, Dr Anne-Marie Day and Prof John Pitts, in partnership with The Nuffield Foundation and The South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium, have recently completed a study looking to answer these questions. 

To hear a presentation on the findings and recommendations of this study, then attend this seminar. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the findings, ask questions and suggest recommendations for the final report.

Speaker: Anne-Marie Day, Researcher, University of Bedfordshire (Confirmed)

Speaker: John Pitts, Vauxhall Professor of Socio-legal Studies, University of Bedfordshire (Confirmed)

11.10 - Room - The Gallery 1

Effective early intervention to prevent offending – the new Youth Endowment Fund

At a time of growing interest in early intervention to prevent crime and violence, this seminar will cover the role of the new Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) in developing the evidence and ensuring it is used.  

The YEF, launched in April this year is a ten year endowment fund which will find, support and evaluate the most promising interventions in order to generate and promote knowledge and practice to transform how we prevent youth offending. 

This seminar will include an update on the types of activities being funded and evaluated through the first YEF grant round. It will also cover plans for the fund going forward, including future funding rounds and how the YEF Plans to work with local services including youth offending teams to ensure the evidence about what works shapes commissioning decisions.   

Speaker: Jane O'Brien, Director of Evidence ,The Youth Endowment Fund (Confirmed)

Speaker: Donna Molloy, Director of Policy and Practice, The Early Intervention Foundation (Confirmed)

11.10 - Room - The Gallery 2

Developing trauma informed practices

With growing understanding about the impact of early trauma and adverse experiences in childhood, it is no wonder that services working with vulnerable children are continuing to look to develop more responsive and effect practices to engage with them. The seminar will be led by Dr Sue Thomas, who has been leading on developing the YJB’s work in relation to trauma-informed practice. Each contributor will provide an overview of practice in their own areas highlighting how some of the learning and research is informing service delivery and direct work with children and young people. The Seminar will allow for questions and answers around some of the challenges and successes of translating the theory into practice and linking health and justice.

Speaker: Dr Sue Thomas, Programme Manager, YJB (Confirmed)

Speaker: Detective Superintendent Stan Gilmore, Head of Protecting Vulnerable People, Thames Valley Police (Confirmed)

Speaker: Dr Nicola Silvester, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Lincolnshire YOT/Futuer4Me (Confirmed)

Speaker: Stacey Waller, Practice Supervisor – Partners in Practice, Lincolnshire YOT/Future4Me (Confirmed)

11.10 - Room – Suite 14-15

Loneliness and exploitation - the perspectives of young people leaving care - Catch22 NLCBF Young Peoples Benchmarking Forum

A workshop exploring the experiences of care leavers facing and experiencing custody, loneliness and gangs from the voices of care leavers.  The workshop will be run by the forums Co-production lead Nat O’Brien, NLCBF care experienced sessional worker Shianne Kinchen and volunteers from YPBMF the young people’s forum which drives the work of the National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum.   

The session draws on personal experiences of care leavers which will be shared in person and via audio/video interviews.  A powerful session, not to be missed!

Speaker: Nathaniel O’Brien, Senior coordinator for Young People’s Benchmarking Forum, Catch 22 (Confirmed)

11.10 - Room – The Gallery 3

Successfully Engaging Young People – Making Participation Meaningful

The session will be delivered entirely by young people who are part of the Waltham Forest Streetbase programme. Some members have been through the criminal justice system, and are Care leavers, Young Carers or have experience of Pupil Referral Units.  Our workshop aims to show ways in which we have been successful in actively engaging with other young people on the streets, and supporting them to access positive activities. Through our workshop, we will challenge perceptions people have of youth on the street; share methods which we found useful when talking to young people; and demonstrate how simple conversations with young people can have a positive effect on your community.

Speaker: Katy Thompson, Streetbase Coordinator, Waltham Forest Council, Youth Engagement (Confirmed)

Speaker: Jane Brueseke, Youth Engagement Manager, Waltham Forest Council, Youth Engagement (Confirmed)

Speaker: Jamal Khan, YIAG/Streetbase Lead, Waltham Forest Council, Youth Engagement (Confirmed)

12.25 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Lunch, refreshments and networking 

Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your contact base by meeting counterparts from across the sector and visiting the exhibition

13.25 - Concourse Suite 1 & 2

Afternoon keynote address 

Keynote: Luke Ambler, former professional rugby player, dad, entrepreneur, awardwinning mental health campaigner, charity chairman, and motivational speaker (Confirmed)


13.55 - Gallery

Transition to breakout rooms

14.05 - Gallery


Please choose one of 3 bespoke breakout sessions to attend, designed specifically for youth justice professionals

14.05 - Room - The Gallery 1

Supporting mental health through lived experience

Young people are influenced by their peers more than anyone else in their life. Peers can set social norms and values that in turn inform young people’s relationships and sense of self.

Youth Ink Trauma Informed Peer Support Navigators use and share their lived experiences, to create positive conversations about mental health by: speaking openly about mental health; challenging stigma; and recognising that people can only give to others what we have experienced ourselves.

This seminar will explore how lived experience supports young people’s positive engagement and mental health.

Speaker: Paul Thorpe, Trustee Youth Ink at the heart for the community (Confirmed)

Speaker: Mifta Choudhury, CEO, Youth Ink at the heart for the community (Confirmed)

Speaker: Andrew Hillas, Head of Service, Southwark youth Offending Service (Confirmed)

14.05 - Room - The Gallery 2

County lines: tackling organised crime and criminal exploitation

This session will explore the theory of how increased competition in the drugs markets and demand from drug users has created the county lines phenomenon and discuss the violence that it brings with it.

Dr Simon Harding, Professor of Criminology, Cybercrime and Criminology Centre, University of West Londom will chair the session and share his knowledge on the subject. We will hear from Essex Youth Offending Service about their work to tackle county lines and protect children at risk of exploitation and from Catch
22 about their work to support gang-affected children and young men involved in county lines.
The session aims to explore the issue of ‘county lines’, the origin and the associated dangers for children. It will also give delegates insight into some of the emerging practice to combat
county lines and protect children.

Speaker: Dr Simon Harding, Professor of Criminology, Middlesex University London (Confirmed) 

Speaker: Dr Simon Harding, Professor of Criminology, Cybercrime and Criminology Centre, University of West London (Confirmed)


Speaker: Laura De Franco, Gangs and Violence Reduction Cluster Manager, Catch 22 (Confirmed)

Speaker: Jim Pearson, Team Manager, Essex Youth Offending Service (Confirmed)

14.05 - Room – The Gallery 3

Cultivating and nurturing young leaders to engage in co-production, peer engagement and social action

Our creative and participatory workshop is designed and led by Peer Power Experts and Peer Leaders who have, over the last year, engaged in co-production and engagement work to support NHS England (London) health and justice services with full cycle commissioning support for forensic CAMHS, liaison and diversion and secure youth justice health provision, and more recently the NHS England and NHS Improvement - Ten Year Complex Needs Strategy. 

They have also developed their own social action projects to influence health and justice services from their perspectives.

The workshop will explore ways we can work together to engage, understand and empower young people to drive change in their own lives, engage their peers and create social change.


Delegates will learn experientially and the session will incorporate:

  • Ethics when engaging teenagers and young adults about their experiences of support services 
  • Health and justice social action projects - Peer Power Experts engaging their peers and influencing policy 
  • Building empathy, relationship and connection - asset based engagement in youth justice services 

Speaker: Anne-Marie Douglas, CEO, Peer Power Youth (Confirmed)

Speaker: Hollie Hartley, Co-production & Engagement Worker, Peer Power Youth (Confirmed)

Speaker: Ria Perez, Engagement Worker, Peer Power Youth (Confirmed)

15.20 - Close of convention

Close of convention